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Photo Upload Script Fixed!

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Back in mid-February, we upgraded our web host and migrated all of our websites over to the new servers. However, the transition broke the code which allowed me to very easily upload my digital camera photos from where I store them on my servers straight to my web albums! I’ve definitely missed it, and it’s taken a while but I’ve finally spent a few hours fixing the glitches and making some upgrades! I’ll have to go back a couple months and upload photos for the last little while, but now I’ll be able to photo-blog a lot faster and easier again!

I suppose my main motivation is that there’s a group of us hiking up Golden Ears this weekend and I’m really excited to share the photos with everyone really quickly and easily!

Updates, Updates.

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Apologies to everyone who has been checking my site as there haven’t been any updates in about 10 days! I’ve just finished uploading photos, and our new short film, Chasing Skirts, from the 72 hour Film Noir Competition.

In other news, Ray and Nate’s mom, had a minor seizure and has been diagnosed with a tumor in her brain, and another in her lung. The doctors have successfully removed the one in her brain, which caused the seizure in the first place. I’ve been down to see her countless times, and she is looking better and better every day! She has had countless visitors from friends and family who love her, and her spirits have been stronger than I could ever have imagined.

I’ve spent the last little while devoted to standing by the Blackmore’s as they carry though this ordeal, but they have been pillars of strength on their own.  Nathaniel was on leave for a week and came home to visit with us – and only by chance was here when their mom went into the hospital. His leave was extended a week so he could stay and help out with him mom, so we’ve been spending all of our time trying to make the best of it. We’ve been keeping ourselves busy, and I’ve hardly found enough time to work – let alone update my website.

And lastly for those die-hard readers who get this far, I’ve got a tiny bit of gossip-juice. Although it goes against a lot of what I stand against, I’ve actually been researching and contemplating getting something like a blackberry to help simplify my work-load and allow me to have more tools available to me while I’m out of the office.

One Thousandth Blog Post

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Happy post number 1000 Mr blog!  I am happy to announce that this post, although it is about nothing more than the fact that it’s a celebratory post, is the thousandth one published to my blog!  In the WordPress dashboard, there’s a little report thing that I’ve screencaptured below:

WordPress: Right Now

To celebrate, I’d like to go over a quick little bit of history for my blog…

My first blog was launched on May 16th, 2006 under the address, but I only added tracking analytics eight months later when I began to consider myself a blogger by title.  After a year of playing around with my blog, I decided to commit to a new years resolution to “blog more”, which resulted in an amazing 436 posts in 365 days.  That’s 1.2 posts per day for a whole year!


Just look what blogging daily did to my analytics.  Clearly I became adddicted to this blogging thing, and even though I’m posting less often these days, it hasn’t really let me go since.  After a year of this new addiction of mine, I had reached aroung 200 visitors a week, and decided that it was time to finally develop my web presence.  On January 28th 2008, I purchased, and began coding.  It was just the following day that I launched my new site, and announced my departure from blogger, and went full steam into  The site was fully functional with some about me pages and I had also converted all my blogger posts over to my new WordPress platform.

Over the past year, I launched the site with my blog as the main section, and have developed the other main sections that I had planned from the beginning: about and film.


And along the way, I expanded my original skin’s width by 30%, wrote up some seasonal theme packs for it, and even found time to design my own photo album section which I have using as a major means of ‘photo-blogging’, and to help share photos with friends!

With a monthly average of over 1,200 visitors and over 5,000 page-views, I just celebrated my website’s one year birthday a couple weeks ago.  It’s been a truly amazing ride as a blogger of just under three years, this is nice milestone to celebrate.  Thank you especially to all of my visitors who frequent this site – It’s here for you.

Add Names to Web Albums and Get Notifications

Friday, September 12th, 2008

I’ve just launched my latest feature for my website!  The ability to add who is in which album on my web albums – and if you’re registered, it will email you when you’ve been tagged!

Stay up to date with the albums and sign-up!

Anyone can add people’s names to the albums, so feel free to fill in people you recognize!  This will help because one of the next things on my list is to build a search feature so you can find all the photos of people muchos easier!

Busy Days

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Ahoy Mr. Blogger world, It’s been a small while, but I have vaild excuses!  Well, first of all, Christine is back in town, and I’ve been chatting on the phone with Nate a bunch so there aren’t too many people who are out of the loop! Anyways, I’ve been wrapping my mind around the Century House 50th Anniversary DVD project for the past several weeks, and we are “near” completion.  We’ve been keeping track of our progress and I’ve put it into a nice little chart here for everyone:

Century House Completion Chart - May 28

As you can see, we’re getting close… although it’s a little off because I’ve rigged it so that at 90% we are completely done the first edit, and the last 10% will be re-edits and such based on feedback from the DVD committee.  Did you realize that 80% of the word audio is made up of vowels?  I noticed that yesterday… But these past few days have been difficult because Spencer’s allergy to work has finally caught up with him and he’s been sick since the weekend.  He came in yesterday, but I also happened to have picked up a sore throat the night before – and surprisingly not due to him because he hadn’t even been in?!?!  But we had a rough day editing yesterday and he hasn’t been seen today.  I really should be spending this short-handed time working, but instead I’m blogging…hrm.  The “World Premiere” of the documentary is being shown at Century House on July 4th, so we have to be done 90% in the next couple days.
Another big thing that has drawn a lot of my time recently has been programming my own personal web photo album.  It took roughly40-50 hours of work over a few nights where I severly was lacking on sleep… but I have the first version of it released and up and running.

My favourite part is only accessible within my house, where I browse to my linux box’s local web server and with the click of one button I can resize and upload photos from my computer and they are immediately accessible on

Check it out at the link above.