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Canoeing Widgeon Creek with Kristy

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Kristy and I canoed up Widgeon Creek today! The weather was cloudy with patches of sun. A high of 4 degrees Celsius… we layered up and were nice and warm! We paddled just over 10km and saw a whole bunch of wildlife up the creek! There were easily over a dozen hawks, a bald eagle, and two sea-creatures we’re not sure if they were otters or seals!

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Video From on the Water

Jan 8: Widgeon Creek With Kristy (69 photos)


Widgeon Creek and Falls

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Here’s a short video of our canoeing, hiking, and what the Widgeon Falls looks like!

A Few More Nature Photos I Took

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

We canoed up Widgeon creek yesterday, and saw a lot of wildlife! Here’s some of the best photos I took up there.

Two Blue Herrons

Family of Three Otters

A Little Toad

Now throw in the Whiskey Jack photo from the other day, and I’d say that I really need to start bringing an SLR instead of my point and shoot! It’ll make my photos look more awesome like Tim’s!

Widgeon Creek: Sept 12 & 18, 2010

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Canoed up Widgeon creek and hiked up to the falls two weekends in a row. I figured I’d just post them under the same TR. The canoe part is 9.0km round trip, and the hike is just 6.0km round trip.

Lots of wildlife out there – we saw several blue herron, a few hawks, a couple tiny frogs, a bunch of small fish, and we were even lucky enough to spot a family of three otters!

Last Sunday, Sept 12, it was a last minute decision around 3pm because another friend bailed on a hike and I still wanted to get out and do something active that weekend. There were two of us, and we weren’t sure exactly how long the trip would take. I’ve done it once before many years ago, and the trail description on CT wasn’t filled in. It was exciting to GPS track it and fill in the missing details here on CT once I got home!

In short, we took our time on the way out clocking about 2 hours 15 mins, then sat for 15 minutes before realizing the time and had to rush back… barely made it back to the dock before dark. We ran/hiked and canoed all the way back in just 1 hour 18 minutes! Interesting to note that we didn’t see a single other person the entire trip…. probably attributed to how late in the day on a Sunday we went.

On Saturday, Sept 18, four of us piled into my canoe and we all had paddles! It was easier steering in the back because we were weighed down a lot more, and had a lot more power moving us forward. I checked the tide charts the day before, but even pitching in 3 hours after low tide wasn’t the greatest to canoe in…. especially with the weight of the four people. We bottomed out several times. There was a group of about 15 people that set out the same time as us in their rental canoes. They fell behind after about 20 minutes.

We took our time and still got to the campsite in just over an hour. Already parked at the campsite, there was a scouts group! Lot of people milling around. We hiked up to the falls and back, and the weather bounced from light rain all the way to clear blue skies and sun!

We enjoyed a gorgeous canoe ride back under the warmth of the sun! The tide was a little better on the way out.

I also edited up a short HD video to showcase what the canoeing, hiking, and the falls look like:

Full photo album for Sunday Sept 12 (165 photos):

Full photo album for Saturday Sept 18 (198 photos):

Paul Romein

Two Hikes and Canoeing

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

It’s been an awesome weekend!  I went on two hikes yesterday, and a canoe trip today! I tried to log our trek’s each time, but only a couple of them came out properly:

Saturday morning, Sheena and I went out to Jug Beach in Belcarra and hiked about 5.5km I believe.  Each direction only took us 26 minutes.  We also spent a bit of time wandering on the ocean beach!  The map data was fairly inaccurate, and only started logging half way to the beach on the way there!

After our hot morning hike, we stopped in for slurpee’s at 7-11, then wandered over to Minnekhada for yet another short hike!  This time, the GPS was way out to lunch (I guess it was having a bad day), so I have no map data.  However, timestamps on photos and Sheena’s stopwatch prove that we got down from the high knoll in just 19 minutes!  We really booked it and were running like crazy at the end!  Check out photos for both our hikes!

Today, Ray joined Sheena and I as we strapped the canoe to my roof and drove up to Widgeon Creek!  We set in around 2:30pm, and went for an hour in, then an hour out.  My GPS was really on the ball and logged our trek pretty amazingly – it’s crazy to see how we pretty much hit the end of the creek!  I also took a few good lookin photos you can check out.

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