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WordCamp Whistler 2009

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

WordCamp Whistler 2009 Panorama

This morning, I woke up bright and early…. well, not so bright. But anyways, Tim and I went up to Whistler to attend an event call WordCamp, which is basically a WordPress get-together conference to network with some other cool local bloggers! We got some sweet free swag like a limited edition WordPress toque!

Check out more photos in my web albums!

Adding Gravatars

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

I never really thought about it before, but up at WordCamp today it clicked in on what exactly they mean by the term ‘gravatar’.  It stands for “Globally Recognized AVATAR“!

Gravatar's ExampleI thought I’d just take a few minutes to configure mine, and it was surprisingly super easy. You just go to to sign up your email and the entire purpose of the site is just to attach a thumbnail image for yourself to be recognized in a wide variety of web platforms (such as WordPress, etc).  Anytime you use your email, it connects to and gets that cool image!

I just added support for it here on my blog, so I recommend going and taking 60 seconds to register yourself one!  On the right here is an example of someone who doesn’t have one, versus someone (me!) who does!

Wordcamp Schedule Released

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Wordcamp just released their schedule for this Saturday, and it looks pretty rad!

Wordcamp Whistler Schedule

I wasn’t sure if they’d be providing any food, but it says on their schedule post that lunch is provided!  Also coffee at a few intervals!  And to top it all off, it mentions something about streaming it online?

I’m mostly looking forward to two sessions.

  1. The session at 2:05 about using WordPress as a CMS, because I’m already planning to convert over to a wordpress backend.
  2. And the SEO session at 3:35, because they might provide some little helpful tips… though I’ve already done a fair bit of research into this, there is always more to learn.

Since we have to wake up early to get there anyways, I’m not sure if we’ll stick around for the social.  It depends on if we meet any cool bloggers I guess, or how tired we are.

Word Camp Whistler

Monday, January 19th, 2009


Wordcamp Whistler

I’m going up this weekend!  Anyone else?

Blogger Finally 301’d

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Ever since I moved my blog over to WordPress, I’ve been meaning to “301” all my blogger pages to auto-forward everyone to my new wordpress blog. I finally got around to it this evening with the help from

The Day Must Go On

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Yes yes, an amazing view… but I’ll get to that in a sec.

I finally upgraded my wordpress version about two days ago… only to find out yesterday through an email from Mark with lovely little subject line reading “Looks like you updated just in time…” and I handly little link to a new version that was release today!  Gah – they only update every several months, and it figures that my luck drops it on today!  Oh well, better today than a week from now… but it could have been a day earlier!!  … At least the upgrading process is fresh in my mind.

I did up some hot dogs on the barbeque for lunch for Spencer, Corinne, and Christine who dropped by for lunch.  The rest of my afternoon was simply working.  Although there was another email from Mark over in Europe asking how to connect to the net through an ADSL.  After a quick phone call over to Craig to confirm my suspicions, Mark had solid two-geek trans-continental certified advice in a matter of minutes.  … Turns out that he instead just found some nearby free wifi signal.

The evening rolled about and it was such a beautiful day that I decided to give Christine a ring because I knew she wasn’t doing anything.  It didn’t take any convincing to get her to head up Minnekhada with me a few minutes later.  It was a fun little hike, and it took us under an hour to reach the high-knoll.

Here’s a little animation on the how fast we got up there:

You can check out a bunch more photos from our hike in my web albums.

After I got back from the hike, Shenna came on by with her brother’s computer and I replaced the fan on top of the heat sink that sits on the CPU.  The old one was turning really slowly and must be super old.

Even later on, I went over and picked up Brittany and we headed down to Tim Hortons.  Got out of the car, but quickly hopped back in when we thought of just heading to the pub!  It was a good time, and we managed to order some food a mere minutes before the kitchen closed!

After I dropped Brit off at home, I drove home-wards but stopped in at Tim Hortons to visit with Mike Waddell!  Since it was around 1am, I didn’t want to stay long but I ended up standing and having an awesome talk with him for an entire hour.  It was really awesome, and in the end he got me really fired up about film and convinced me to head home and do something film-like.  I ended up editing the footage I shot a couple weeks ago of a sunrise out on the dike:

When I finished around 3:30am, I drove back down to show him the end result!  Kudos goes to Mike who provided me with a coffee (with a very flavourful mint shot) to take to the editing room with me!  I finally got to sleep just after 4am.