Raised By Monkeys

Raised by Monkeys Crew History

The group was officially founded in January of 2006 for Port Moody's 48 hour Quick Flick Film Challenge. The phrase "Raised By Monkeys" was basically an improv'd connection with the name of Paul's company, Techno Monkey Media, and the shirt he just happened to be wearing at the time (which you can see on the right here).

Over the past several years, we have put together over a dozen quality short films just in 48 and 72 hour contests, as well as dozens of more on our own time. As we continue to grow, each person finds themselves a nice little niche where their skills help to benefit the group as a whole.

As a group, we have taken our future into our own hands by co-founding a few of our own friendly 48 hour film contest versus team No Idea Why. We anxiously enter into as many contests as we can, but continue to work on our own side-projects whenever we can.

Some may say that our biggest claim to fame to date is our Lego Millineum Falcon Stop Motion, which was featured by YouTube in July of 2007. We have gathered several million views with the YouTube community, and have established ourselves as one of Canada's leading online filmmakers.

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