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Currently in her second semester at Langara College, Chloé is passionate about completing her undergrad in Communications and Political Sciences. However, she often finds herself captivated by music in all its shapes and forms.

A dedicated musician for over a decade, Chloé has only began to fully understand and master the piano and vocals. "Always a student, always a teacher." Her talent and devotion to music has lead her on the path of soon completing her ARCT level piano. A solid student of the voice, Chloé is wicked stoked to be compiling righteous beats with close friends and proud to be sending some good tunes out lickity-split. So stay tuned for upcoming local Canadian artists!

Flourishing in musicals to monologues, Chloé lives for the stage. Returning in 2007 to her alma mater, she directed two METFEST plays, A Coupla' Bimbos Sittin' Around Talking and Spineless Drudge. She enjoys nothing quite as much as "focusing young actors talents", *intense stare.

Tortured and trained from the beautiful minds of Waddington (acting), J. Blake (acting/production) and D. Secunda (the works), D. Calderwood (stage fighting/physical theater) and with a countless number of performances under her belt, she knows she will forever strive to hone her performing talents.
From AIDA and the Crucible to the Social Justice Choir, singing with the Daia Lama, The United Nations Delegates, 100 piece children's choir, and a proud former member of GLASS Youth. Chloé's voice is her best asset, and truly believes every one has one to use.

Chloé is a happy to be part of the TMM experience and uber appreciates all casts' and crews' contributions.

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