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Dan Lazar

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Dan spent his formative years as a high school drama geek. He enjoys acting whenever possible (movies, first aid competitions, just to entertain himself) Dan first learned of "The Monkeys" while travelling through Europe with Paul and Raymond. At that point there was no official name for the group. Dan and Paul named the group "Raised by Monkeys" during the filming of "Packing Slips" (the groups entry for the Port Moody Quick Film Challenge) as an homage to Paul's favorite t-shirt and the name has stuck. Dan has recently taken part in a bit of the behind the scenes aspect of filming by trying his hand at script writing and hopefully in the future directing. As the oldest of "The Monkeys" Dan hopes to supply the group with a little bit of wisdom and experience. That is of course when he isn't clowning around.

Member since January 2006

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