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Greg Radzimowski

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Greg Radzimowski has befuddled people with his last name since he was 4 years old. A world renown thumb twiddler, Greg joined the Raised By Monkeys crew when Paul found him in a dumpster, where he was allegedly trying to chew on his own leg. Paul found him a family, who's task it was to civilize him and conform him to society. It has been a long and grueling process, and he is now learning how to subtract, with great success. Now Greg has garnered many awards at annual blinking competitions, and he won the silver in Nagano for breathing. Other skills include sleeping, walking, and helping old ladies cross the street. Greg loves long romantic walks on the drag strip, and is currently heavily involved in a love affair with his car. Oh, and he acts on occasion, but such rumors lead to dirty accidents. Kias suck.

Greg left to travel Australia in February of 2009.


Member since January 2006

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