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Paul Romein

Paul Romein has a deep passion for film and technology. He started making videos as early as 14 years old, turning as many school projects into videos as possible. In May of 2003, he founded Techno Monkey Media, and he has been working professionally as a filmmaker ever since. It was under his leadership that this film group, Raised By Monkeys, was launched. It is under his leadership and direction that he continues to keep it running, bringing more and more films to the screen.

Paul's belief is that you can excel further in life if you have experience in a multitude of areas. With this in mind, he has spent much of his time participating in outdoors activities, as well as countless hours volunteering in the community. You will often hear him talk of how film incorporates countless skills and talents both in front of the camera, and behind the scenes - and that is why he loves it. It's because of all the different things one gets to be a part of.

Member since March 2003

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