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Tim Schafli

Secondary Roles

My name is Tim Schafli and I’m a photographer & designer. I’m primarily a portrait photographer with a focus on weddings. I love capturing the excitement, joy, style, and decoration of weddings. You can check out my Vancouver based business at

I also enjoy experimenting with landscape photography (natural and urban) and so you will probably see a fair amount of that on my blog.

Gear-wise I shoot Nikon with natural light or speed-lights. Occasionally I’ll rent or borrow some big strobes but when I can, I go with the portability of the smaller lights. I edit in Lightroom & Photoshop on a MacBook Pro hooked up to a 23″ Cinema Display. I’m sure I will come out with articles about the gear I use in the future. I’ll try to remember to link them here.

Check out my websites at:

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