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The following is a list of some of our films we would like to highlight. The most recently released films are sorted to the top. Click on the title for more information on each item and to watch the films!


In 1803, English poet William Blake was charged with high treason by a royalist soldier, after an alleged physical altercation between the two men. Felpham is a queer a-history of the events that lead to the trial.


A motion poem about body image and eating disorders.


Deloris is at her husbands funeral, left a widow at the end of a long life with John. As she says her final farewells, John, stretched in his casket, wakes up. They resume their lives together, only to realize that something isn't quite right with John. He doesn't eat, he isn't sleeping, and he just can't seem to shake that not so fresh feeling.

Deconstructing Stan

Stan "the ladies man" Hooplestein. Stan is a self-professed ladies man. In reality he's a wannabe playa with no game, but his lines are out of this world. "Are you an angel because I swear you just fell from heaven?", or "I'm no Fred Flintstone, but I sure can make your bed-rock." Women often slap him in the face after his approach, which he wears as a badge of honor hoping someone will take his bait.

Pink Lemonade

Ingredients: Water, fresh-squeezed lemons, sugar, poison. Serve chilled.

Chasing Skirts

Detective Regan Wright is hot on the trail of Joseph Graves, the most respected judge in the city for murder in the case that has almost taken his life. As the judges wife Rachel grieves, Reagan continues to search for evidence. His gut feeling is never wrong, but can he put the pieces together before the killer decides he knows too much?


Love, loss, and life through the eyes of a candle. How many lives does one object touch?

Shoulda Boughta Viper

A man's attempt at a successful mid-life crisis.

Youth Day Promo 2009

Promotional video for an event for youth put on by the Youth Ministry Office.

Future Friendly

The explanation of saving energy with a complicated setup.

Chloe Ellis - The Masquerade

A music video for Chloe's cover a song by George Benson.

4 to 5 Servings

Three couples are surprised to find their vehicles surrounded by zombies in an underground parking lot.

After The Car Crashed

A short scene after a car crash.


A short film following a band as they get ready to do the performance of their lives!

Silence Of The Lamps

A mock horror film on conserving electricity.


With Big Dan back in town, car rustler Earl must prove his worth.


A man with a unique perspective on life searches for love.

The Bathroom

What happens when seven guys are forced to share a bathroom.

Lego Millenium Falcon Stop Motion

Animated lego pieces putting together the Millennium Falcon. It's very choreographed and stylish. For instance, a snake-like chain of pieces moves into frame, wraps around the incomplete structure, then bursts and each piece finds its place. Very fun to watch.

Lego A-Wing Stop Motion

We built a A-Wing out of lego step by step and made it into a short stop motion clip.

Chocolate Windmills

Action, adventure, espionage: Ron Connery and the windmill Smugglers.

Chaos Into Umbrella

A stop motion with a large group of people.

Harnessed Hand Held Trucking Shot

An awesome arial shot - first attempt as a test run for a bigger project.

Packing Slips

A diligent courier delivers a package.