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Assistant Director

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An assistant director (AD) is a person who helps the director in the making of a movie or television show. The duties of an AD generally include setting the shooting schedule, tracking daily progress against the filming production schedule, arranging logistics, preparing daily call sheets, checking the arrival of cast and crew, maintaining order on the set, rehearsing cast, and directing extras.

On low-budget productions, the means are often not enough to realise the director's vision. It is for the 1st AD to work between the director and heads of department (HoD's) to call the necessary compromises when they need to be made, without jeopardising the integrity of the director's vision. This process can begin as early as the scriptwriting phase, with the AD suggesting such practical compromises as combining sets or reducing the number of story days, and may progress through to the actual shooting of a scene, at which time the AD may call for the director and DoP to refine the blocking of a scene in such a way that it can be adequately shot within the time available. This can be the most indirectly creative an AD gets, and may gain great understanding of the conflict between resources and vision. This can prove a useful skill to AD's who move on to production.